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Our Logo

Our logo isn’t very self-explanatory, so we would like to help you to understand what it means!

It is made up of three circles, each of which is broken. 


The large outer circle represents the world we live in, a broken world. 

The middle circle represents the family structure, which has also been broken and distorted throughout the world. 

And the smaller inner circle represents individuals and their brokenness, thinking especially in the children we are caring for. 

So living in a broken world, which is caused by broken families, which is caused by broken individuals, what hope is there? Well, there IS hope, and His name is Jesus! Our mission at LLI is to heal the broken hearted, the abandoned and abused. To heal the hearts of these little children who have been neglected or dealt difficult circumstances. If we can show them healing in Christ, their small hearts and souls can receive healing… which will then eventually lead them to break the cycle of brokenness that their family has been through and create a whole, healthy family for themselves and their future children…. And through creating healthy individuals, which leads to healthy families, we can bring healing and wholeness to the world, through our only true hope, Jesus Christ! 

So in a nutshell, we live in a broken world, because of broken homes, because of broken individuals. We are working hard to bring healing to the individual, to restore the family unit, to bring healing to this broken world. Join with us! The church needs to stand up for the world to receive this hope!

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