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Prayer Requests

Thank you for joining us in prayer! Our Father knows our needs and can do all things! We just ask for His guidance and provision according to His perfect Will and timing! Below you will find our most pressing prayer requests: 


  • For our board of directors in USA. Guidance, wisdom and direction for the leadership of LLI. That we may always stay on the right path that He has laid out for us to take as a ministry. 

  • For our staff and volunteers in Guatemala. That the Lord would always bring the right people in at the right time, to give the best possible care to our children. That when one steps down, another steps in. For guidance, patience, wisdom and grace to deal with these children who have been through so much. 

  • For our children. Having come from so many different horrible situations, they need healing, they need love. Pray for them. For their tiny hearts to know TRUE love, for them to be able to forgive and heal, for their futures and the big decisions they will have to make, for their families, even for their abusers. We pray that their lives are totally transformed, so that they can become future missionaries, volunteers, and leaders for this beautiful country of Guatemala. 

  • For Provision. God has provided up until now, and we know He will continue to do so. But we ask, so that we remember that it ALL comes from Him and according to His riches in glory! Provision for our daily needs, provision for our future projects and expansions, provision for our workers and volunteers. May the ultimate Provider provide all our needs, for the furtherance of His kingdom! 

  • For our supporters. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our supporters. It is the Lord that touches hearts and moves mountains to save His children. So praise the Lord for each one who gives, whether it’s $5 or $5,000… brick by brick, tile by tile, we are laying the groundwork for these kid’s futures. Praising God for His provision, through His faithful church. May He bless each donor with joy and contentment for giving towards His work!

  • For our local communities and villages. Apart from caring for children, we also love and want to serve our surrounding communities. Pray that LLI may be the lighthouse on a rough sea, a beacon of hope and light on the mountainside. That He would use us to bring the Gospel to those hurting, as well as physical assistance to the needy! 

  • For our volunteer teams. People take time off of work, away from family, take the risks involved with travel, and all for free! Actually, better than that, they pay to come and help at LLI! So we want to thank the Lord for each individual who has and will continue to visit and support us physically on site at LLI. That He would always provide traveling mercies, financial provision for travel, safety on every corner, and health! We depend on His grace every step of the way! 

  • EVERYTHING ELSE! We are missing so much here. Pray for us. Wherever He leads you in prayer, pray for us! We recognize our total dependence on Him and His grace, His provision and mercy! Thank you! 

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