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Here are a few ways you can get involved and help from HOME! 


Donate your skills to make promotional/informational fliers for fundraisers and other events.



Help us by making promotional/informational videos to promote and best present our needs to the world. Your skill set is unique and rare,  but VERY useful! Videos are the best way to reach people! To be used on our website, social media and for presenting at events and at churches!


We would love to create a LLI application for cell phones! As well as other techy things that could help with promotion!


Public relations

We are always looking for people to organize new or help organize current fundraisers in different areas of the country! If you love doing this type of activity or just want to donate your time and skills, WE NEED YOU! We will work along side you to get you everything you need to hold a successful event!

Sponsor a child

If your skill sets don’t match any of these to be able to help from the USA, you can always support our children by just donating monthly to help sponsor our kids at LLI. Without people like you, we couldn’t care for them! Your monthly donation will go towards their education, food, medical, and all other physical and mental needs!

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